Application Modernization and Enterprise Application Development

We are a global software company based in Switzerland with 22+ years of experience in enterprise software development, application modernization and migration to Kubernetes.


What We Do

Application Modernization and Transformation

Legacy web and .Net applications containerization, refactoring and migration to private, hybrid or public cloud infrastructure. POC, migration, production / ongoing support.

Custom Enterprise Application Development

We architect and build custom cloud-native applications, with micro-services, API, and headless architecture. CI/CD and DevOps with customer’s business and IT teams for healthcare, finance, supply chain, smart city, etc.

Application Maintenance and Optimization

We run support operations for your applications – as a single integrated unit, powered by an integrated tools/process/automation platform that drives operational excellence, agility and cost savings.

Identity and Access Management

We implement, troubleshoot or upgrade the IAM protocols of current or legacy enterprise applications and cloud infrastructure. We implement OpenID Connect, SAML, OAuth, LDAP, and more.

Kubernetes on-prem, hybrid or public cloud infrastructure

Kubernetes cluster deployment, production, security, monitoring, and support for private, hybrid or public cloud infrastructure. Hosting on Swiss servers for data protection.

Application Security and Monitoring

Analysis and scanning of containerized applications for vulnerability assessment and security checks at source code level. Ongoing elimination of vulnerabilities.


Application Containerization & Refactoring

Our team is specialized in legacy applications containerization and / or refactoring. Coming from 25+ years of software development, and working daily to transform, develop further, add service integrations and automate monolith applications, we designed a stable, secure, and optimized process to containerize and refactor a monolith enterprise application.

Kubernetes clusters deployment, management and support

Our engineers implement Kubernetes for data protection-focused private clouds with Swiss and European hosting providers  or onto AWS, Azure, and GCP hybrid or public cloud. Our work spans the full scope – from Kubernetes architecture and integration to supporting other integrated cloud services. Cluster configuration, deployment, and ongoing production support with GitOps, CI/CD, IaC. 

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We partner with

Leading Swiss Cloud hosting and Kubernetes providers such as:  Exoscale, open-source Kubernetes providers such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise,RedHat, SUSE-Rancher, Sidero Labs – Talos, and of course the usual hyperscalers AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Programming Languages, Frameworks, IaC

Java EE, Javascript, HTML5, JBoss, PHP, Ruby, C#,C, C++, Go, CSS, Swift, Node.js, Python, Express, Zend Framework,Perl, Struts, JQuery, Dojo, Typescript, Angular, Terraform


Applications we Built for Customers

Electronic Health Record for a Swiss company: eMedSwiss

Designed by doctors for doctors. Doctors focus on medicine, with the application taking care of the rest: 1. Elaborate medical process based on intuitive logic; 2. Easy medical data entry, thanks to a maximum structuring of medical content, the use of pre-registered data and machine learning; 3. Complete solution for an easy transition between the paper record and the online electronic record through scanning and archiving functionalities; 4. HL7 interface with laboratories, an integrated drug database, and much more.

Institut de Medecine Esthetique – Switzerland

Web based system for management of electronic medical records. An innovative medical concept makes it now possible to provide complete, integrated and instructive long-term medical treatment in the domain of anti-aging medicine and active prevention.

Smart City Parking

Online system for city parking. Beginning of Smart City project. Cloud hosted solution based on Microsoft Azure. End user applications: Mobile application for short time parking payment, Online payment processing, Online subscription management for citizens and businesses situated in the zone

Distributed Collaboration Platform for Swiss Agriculture

Our client needed a fully distributed collaboration platform supporting Swiss farmers to facilitate distributed systems flexible and secure data exchange for subsidies payments. A Mobile Authorization Management Application allowing to seamlessly integrate current production systems to exchange Swiss agricultural data. Based on Container Orchestration of Kubernetes, it implements a permissioned enterprise blockchain – Hyper Ledger Fabric.

Squared Financial Services – Ireland

Tycoon Data Warehouse is a set of applications, transforming the company’s Forex trading data into a model, more suitable for business analysis and reports. Java based implementation converting data from Oracle to IBM DB2 database.

Aton Service – Switzerland

Customer loyalty system designed for ease of integration with existing loyalty programs. It allows different shops/brands to collaborate in communities to enhance the loyalty of their customer base and capture new customers.
Implemented with J2EE technologies covering all modules of a full featured solution.

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