Programming Languages and Frameworks

With over 25 years on the IT market, our experts are bringing to you deep expertise in proven open-source technologies and platforms to deliver a robust, secure and performance-optimized applications.

Web, Mobile, Desktop

Databases, Storage


IAM, SSO, Security

Cloud Services

IaC, Automation

PHP Development and Consulting: PHP development services are aimed at implementing secure and powerful server-sides of all types of web applications. Drawing on our 15+ years in PHP development, we skillfully tame PHP to deliver robust healthcare patient record applications, B2C & B2B web apps, CMSs, and other web-based solutions.

.NET Application Development Services: .NET software development services cover engineering and evolution of web, mobile, and desktop applications with the use of .NET platform. Having implemented many successful .NET projects, we have proven to be a .NET development company that provides rapid software delivery at reduced costs.

Custom Java Application Development: Java development services cover implementation of enterprise apps, software products, and SaaS solutions using secure, portable, and scalable Java frameworks. We help clients build sustainable Java-based software fast and cost-effectively.

Node.js development: we  help launch the development of future-proof Node.js applications and streamline or recover ongoing development. With Node.js development from our team, you get high-performing Node.js apps delivered & scaled faster and upgrade Node.js competencies of your in-house team.






Client side: JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, Bootstrap, RxJS, JQuery, Dojo Toolkit, HTML5, CSS
Server side: .Net, Node.js, Express, PHP, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Python, Perl, Java Servlet/JSP, JBoss, Struts
Full stack: Meteor
CMS Based Solutions: Drupal, WordPress


Technologies/Frameworks: Java, Swift, Ionic/Cordova/Phonegap
OS: iOS, Android
Patterns: Material Design Principles, Reactive Programming


C++, Qt, C#, Python, Swift


Dynamics 365, SalesForce, Magento,  Sharepoint, ServiceNow, SAP, Power BI, Drupal, WordPress

Database and storage

SQL Server, SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Amazon s3, Google Cloud SQL, Azure SQL database


Kubernetes, Docker, Openshift, Rancher, Ansible, Terraform, Pupper, Chef, AWS developper tools, Azure DevOps, Google Developper tools, CI/CD, Jenkins,


Swiss hosted clouds, AWS, Azure, GCP