Meet Inteligio Technologies

Your Swiss Experts in Enterprise Software Development, Enterprise Application Modernization, IAM, Security, and Kubernetes Infrastructure

About Us

22 Years in Software Development

We’re a global software company based in Switzerland with 22 years of experience in Cloud-native application development, CICD and GitOps, legacy application containerization and refactoring, integration services, and private or hybrid cloud infrastructure. Inteligio Technologies is a team of experienced software developers, solution architects, project managers, and business-to-software-implementation professionals.

Enterprise Software Development

Migration and Integration

Application Containerization

Kubernetes Infrastructure

Private and Hybrid Cloud

IAM, SSO and Security

IT Professionals on board

Years Of Experience

Years of experience of our developpers, solution architects, PMs, QA, SRE, etc.


Why choose us

We plan and organize the project to achieve your business goals (cost reduction, revenue increase, process time reduction, etc.), and improve the development process  (faster, higher-quality software delivery, more frequent releases, etc).

Responsible usage of resources: using resources with lower rates for simple routine tasks, replacing resources with low performance. Choosing programming languages and frameworks, architecture patterns, APIs, etc. to speed up development.

Regular project roadmap revision (stated business needs vs current business needs; feasibility of requirements; value we bring vs the highest possible value).

We’re proactive in terms of adding new features, improvements, and possible competitive advantages. Anticipating and openly communicating potential stumbling blocks.


We prioritize your goals, timelines, and budget

We focus to save time and cost for you

We take your deadlines seriously

Ongoing reporting of actuals vs plan

Tailored communication with each stakeholder